Been busy 8/30/2014

Wow!! Two of my kids started school these past two weeks and just Oi!!

So I have added Kre-Alkalyn which I am pretty sure you can get at GNC however someone picked this up for me so I can’t positively say that you can. You don’t have to do a pre-load or cycle on this and I like that (mostly cause sometimes I forget to take it). You take 2 pre and 2 post workout. I am re-learning all the stuff I thought I knew from when I worked at GNC. Anyway, so much has changed since then so please remember this is just my opinion, maybe it will help someone, maybe it won’t but I hope it does. I digress, so far not to much to report on the creatine but then again it has been less than a week. The creatine is suppose to replenish and revive the muscle (in a nutshell). I was told once that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, maybe it takes 21 days to notice a difference (probably).


Caught the last few days of the GNC BOGO sale and decided to grab my Amp Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped in chocolate and strawberry. I have quickly found out that I am NOT a strawberry protein drink fan. Blech!! I make mine with the skim milk for better flavor without too many extra calories (83 for nonfat, 103 for skim, and 148 for whole, serving 1c). Anyway, for me it was way to frothy, and it stayed with my all day no matter what else I ate or drink. I find myself taking only 2 scoops once a day instead of 2x a day. I am anxious to get back to my chocolate soon and I am not ever thinking about trying Vanilla. 

Digging on the Contour Ab Belt. I have run it twice already and I am thinking about another go here in a few minutes.

 I don’t know what it is but I have just become extremely addicted to exercising. Don’t get me wrong it took two major life changing events and months of working out prior to even starting this blog. An extreme amount of support from my loving husband and surprisingly enough, some random lady that lives 1000+ miles away from me in Texas, right, I think that’s right, yup it’s right. Some times it is so much easier to have faith in yourself when someone else has faith in you first. This lady had faith in me and she didn’t even know me. It just really meant a lot to me and really gave me the drive to want to lose weight, Jake Gyllenhaal gives me the drive to body build.

There was so much other stuff I wanted to go over tonight but I have the itch to workout again. Nothing much for images today just enjoying the muscle.



Just hot. . .that is all

Just hot. . .that is all


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